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About me:

I am a professional game designer and sound designer holding a Master's degree in game design from the Utrecht School of Arts and Technology. I've been working in the games industry since 2007, but I have been designing games since my early childhood and I am very passionate about computer games as a medium for expression, entertainment and education.

As a game designer I get my inspiration from everyday life; Art, nature, other games and the people I work with. I base my design decisions on knowledge of a wide range of design tools such as interaction design, level design theories and cognitive psychology.
I have experience with PC, console, held-held and mobile game development in a variety of genres.

Apart from game design I am also passionate about (game) audio, and I have worked as a sound designer on several projects. Among other things I am currently working on the sound design for Terraria Otherworld which is being created by Engine Software.

Download my CV by clicking the link below:

Curriculum vitae (.doc)

For more information feel free to contact me at: david @ soundgamedesign.com